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Big smiles from the Paediatrics unit of the Campbelltown Hospital

This Easter we had the great pleasure of donating nearly 50kgs of Easter Eggs to the children, families and staff in the Paediatrics unit of the Campbelltown Hospital.   Too many chocolate eggs! That’s the tasty problem Campbelltown Catholic Club had when it created it’s giant Easter egg display in our club foyer.So, how do…

Welcome to ‘Foodie School’

Campbelltown Catholic Club launches six part kids cooking YouTube channel.

We Made a Beer!

To celebrate our 50th anniversary, Campbelltown Catholic Club has created it’s own beer – “Half A Ton”.

What About Tomorrow?

‘Youth Solutions’ launch campaign to keep young people safe.

White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation

Campbelltown Catholic Club earns White Ribbon Workplace accreditation.   White Ribbon Australia is pleased to announce Campbelltown Catholic Club has successfully been accredited as a White Ribbon Workplace. Over the past 18 months Campbelltown Catholic Club has demonstrated effective leadership, resource allocation, communication, HR policy development and training to create a safer and more respectful…

Celebrate With Us!

Celebrate your special occasion with us between January and May 2019 and you could win back the cost of your event.

Safe-T-Card Program

Shocked by the high local statistics surrounding domestic violence, Campbelltown Catholic Club is setting out to make a real difference.

Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge 2018

When you’ve just crossed Papua New Guinea’s the Owen Stanley Mountains, the big staircase outside The Catho suddenly doesn’t look so big.

Junior Sports Hotshot Winner – August 2018

Jakeelie Hook joined “Little As” at Eschol Park in 2012 to find mateship and fun, but she also discovered a talent for running.

Superstar Magazine

Superstar is the Campbelltown Catholic Club bi-annual magazine, with information about all aspects of the club, our services, our members and their families. There are messages from the club’s directors, giving members a direct insight into the club’s health, our future directions and evolving role within the community. 

Want to get a better of idea of just how the club is working hard to benefit our members, the region and the community? Or just want an idea of where to watch the footy finals? It’s all there in Superstar. The magazine is available online or on-site for club patrons.

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